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Posted by on Jul 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Looking after my Bonsai tree collection made me miss work

Bonsai growing and care is an art that brings mystery and excitement to your life. This art involves growing dwarfed trees in a pot, you can find different types of Bonsai trees as well as size. It is a Japanese art that is also practiced in some parts of China, indeed the art was originated in China with the penjing or penzai tradition. This tradition means literally potted scenery and includes miniature trees and scrubs. Also this tradition of living miniature landscapes is practiced in Vietnam. The art of Bonsai growing is meant to serve as a pleasant experience for the person who is contemplating it, it also involves the joy of shaping the tree to achieve its growth in a container.

Bonsai care involves not only the love for them but also a set of special materials and techniques to give support to the tree so it can grow inside the pot. Once you start cultivating Bonsai trees you can’t go back, your life changes, you always try to improve your skills and treat them as your biggest asset. I still remember the first time I tried growing my first Bonsai tree, it wasn’t exactly the most beautiful tree but he is still at the entrance of my house, greeting and getting the attention of everyone that stands next to it.

One time, a very nasty disease called black spot infected half of my Bonsai trees, in my eyes this was an emergency. Not only did I need to isolate the healthy ones but it was also a matter of time before the infected trees would die if I didn’t act fast. When you lose a Bonsai tree, you not only lose your effort and time, you lose one motive to contemplate life’s beauty. I am not very clever when using technology so I didn’t even know if you could download a fake doctors note without having any consequences in the future with the police, my only option was to call my 17-year-old daughter and ask her to buy a fake doctors note for me.

At first, she couldn’t believe it but as soon as I explained my motives she hung up and called me back in an hour saying she got the note for me. Two weeks later I saved all my Bonsai trees and admire them as usual thanks to a fake doctors note.

I was fascinated about how much a drs note could be very dependable from time to time. My trees mean the world to me, I treat them as if they were my own sons and daughters. I totally recommend nature lovers like me to use a fake medical excuse to miss class or work if anything like this ever happened. Yes, it’s shameful and immature, but I’d rather be ashamed than lose my beloved Bonsai trees. Visit us to know more about fake doctor’s note.

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